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Wool Sweater Cleaning

Next Generation Wool Sweater Cleaning & Wool Sweater Washing

Wool Sweater Cleaning & Wool Sweater Washing

Wool is wonderful!  However, it can easily lose its shape if you wash wool sweaters improperly. Worse yet, it can shrink several sizes.  Fortunately, washing wool sweaters is safe and simple if you follow a few simple guidelines.
First, make sure that your wool sweater really needs to be washed!  You do not need to wash wool sweaters frequently. Don't assume you need to wash wool sweaters just because you have worn them several times.  Gentle spot cleaning wool sweaters is recommended whenever possible. They will look good for a long time with very little care, and very infrequent washing. 
If you do need to wash wool sweaters, first soak in cold water for a few hours before washing as this will stop the woolen item from shrinking.  Spot clean wool sweaters if needed and be sure to use the right product that is designed for cleaning wool sweaters.
The gentle wool sweater cleaning process of Unicorn Fibre Wash is strong enough for rough and tumble wool sweater cleaning, yet so very gentle on the most delicate fine yarns and hand knit creations..
  • Refreshes and cleans wool sweaters and synthetic yarns
  • Rinses clean - does not permit soils to re-adhere to the fiber shaft
  • Eliminates odors and staining – non–yellowing
  • Breaks down soils and odor causing bacteria

"Even the most delicate fiber is left clean and bright, with no cuticle damage to cause scratchiness."

  • Energy saving low suds – HE washer compatible
  • No phosphates, bleach, ammonia or fillers
  • Earth Friendly – Biodegradable

Keep in mind that heat, agitation, and the wrong detergent are the enemies of washing wool sweaters, so aim to soak and rinse the dirt out.  Dry flat in desired size/shape.  A folding clothes rack can help here.  Remove excess water with a towel by laying the item on a towel and rolling it up jelly-roll style, squeezing and pressing gently.  Unroll then, leave in fresh air to dry.

Wash your soiled wool sweater with Fibre Wash today and wear a Unicorn refreshed clean wool sweater tomorrow! 

Fuzzy Galore Wool Sweater Cleaning-Wool Sweater Washing Guide 
Wool sweater washing & wool sweater cleaning by Unicorn Fibre 2012

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