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Next Generation Wool Washing & Wool Cleaning Fiber Cleaners
Unicorn Next Generation Wool Washing & Wool Cleaning Fiber Cleaners

Effective Wool Washing & Wool Cleaning

The first step in wool washing and wool cleaning is scouring. “Scouring” is a term used in the commercial fiber industry loosely defined as: wool washing in hot soapy water several times, followed by thorough rinsing and drying. Wool wash scouring removes the natural grease in the fiber, the suint or body excretions, dirt and dust, and prepares the fiber for further processing. It is this first critical wool wash “scouring” that will determine how well your fiber will hold up to the expectations that you, the fiber crafter, desire. Our wool washing and wool cleaning solutions -- Power Scour and Unicorn Fibre Wash & Fibre Rinse -- have been formulated to break down and dissipate dirt and soils, while protecting the fiber cuticle in the process.

Scouring Suggestions for Fibre Hobbyists: Use Unicorn Fibre Wash on less waxy (no lanolin) fibers such as Alpaca, Cashmere, Bison, Qiviut and Angora.


Use Power Scour for wool washing and wool cleaning fiber with heavier burdens of grease, wax, suint, dirt and clay, typically found in sheep, goat and bison fibers.
How to Scour usingPower Scour.pdf

General guidelines
Dosage Guidelines for Small Batches.pdf
Use lower temperatures, 40°-50°C (104-122°F), for fibers such as Cashmere, Alpaca, Bison ,etc. Use higher temperatures, 50°-55°C (122-131°F), for fibers with more oil/wax or oils (sheep, etc.)

The goals of the Unicorn Fibre Wool Washing/Wool Cleaning & Fibre Rinse system are to optimize the latest chemistry to maximize cleaning effectiveness at low temperatures while imparting fiber conditioning for ease of handling and processing. The goal of providing these benefits with the use of only safe and environmentally sensitive ingredients was paramount. Laboratory testing has verified these results. United States Patent pending.
No Phosphates – No Enzymes – No Fillers
Biodegradable – Non-Yellowing – Earth Friendly

Wool Washing & Wool Cleaning With Power Scour

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