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 question.pngCan you use Unicorn products to wash dog hair? The hair is as it came from the dog; it’s not too bad but does smell a bit “doggy”. The plan is to spin the hair in its unwashed state then wash it with a Unicorn product, probably Power Scour. Has anyone ever worked with dog hair?

answer.png We have washed the hair ON a Great Pyrenees (very large, long haired white dog) and OFF the same dog after it was trimmed up for the summer. We used Fibre Wash for both processes -- and rinsed with a bit of Fibre Rinse. Both the dog and it's hair turned out clean, non-smelly:), soft and lustrous. Because you're going to spin the unwashed hair before cleaning, you may want to use Power Scour as a soak -- depends on just how soiled and smelly the hair is. The smell will dissipate with the soil removal. Another good reason to always rinse everything you wash!

question.png How will Fibre Rinse affect some Alpaca fiber I’m planning to dye?

answer.png Unicorn Fibre Rinse is very good at removing excess dye from newly dyed fibers. It also will reduce the sometimes annoying “prickle factor” evident with some yarns.


 question.png Are the Unicorn products suitable for High Efficiency washers?

answer.pngAbsolutely!  All of the Unicorn products were formulated to produce minimal suds within a concentrated formula.  The bottom line:  you’ll use less product to do more cleaning at lower temperatures.  All perfect for the latest HE washers. 


question.png I have some of your fibre wash and fibre rinse and I'm not sure how to use it with knitted wool garmentsThe label doesn't say to rinse it out. Do you?

 answer.png When washing knitted garments:    For lightly soiled garments:   Wash with Fibre Wash -- then drain the water.  You can then add a teaspoon of Fibre Rinse into the clear water rinse.  You don't have to keep rinsing.

 For heavier soiled garments:  Wash with Fibre Wash -- drain water, then rinse in a clear water rinse to remove soils.  Then, and only if you want to, you can add a Fibre Rinse anti-static finishing rinse -- which you do not have to rinse out.

 Make more sense?  It's like washing your hair and rinsing out the loosened soils (imagine not rinsing out the dirt?) -- then using a conditioner (which you may or may not have to rinse out).  It's up to you.

question.png Hi. I am please interested to know if there is a fragrance ingredient in any of your fibre wash/rinse/condition products. If yes, which product(s) contains the fragrance ingredient? And can you please say if the fragrance ingredient is naturally or synthetically derived?

answer.pngTo add a "hint of lavender" to our 3 products, Power Scour, Unicorn Fibre Wash & Unicorn Fibre Rinse, we have incorporated less than 1/4th of 1 percent of fragrance to the formulas.  This fragrance is a proprietary blending of ingredients, some of which are derived from the natural lavender plant.

question.pngIs it detrimental to fibers to use hotter water than recommended? The hot water coming out of my tap is currently 150 degrees F. I washed about 1.5 lbs of Corriedale (sheep) that was very crimpy and fairly greasy for a Corriedale with 2 oz Power Scour. We have hard water so I went with the higher amount for a test. I rinsed once and I am amazed at how clean the wool is. I would be happy to turn my hot water heater down a little, but is it possible to damage the fibers using hotter water or is it just unnecessary to use hotter water?


Given the fact that you are dealing with the combination of hard water and greasy Corriedale wool you did the right thing by upping the dose of Power Scour for a first wash.  Many mills will use 170 degrees F in their multi-bath systems.  Note that sheep fiber, with its lanolin burden, can tolerate higher temperatures than non-lanolized fibers.

There would be a higher risk of damaged fibers to deal with when washing fiber such as alpaca, qiviut, etc. (fiber without lanolin) in very hot water (over 150 degrees F).The washing temperatures for the more delicate fibers would have to be cooler (hot tap water would suffice) and monitored closely. 

question.pngDo I have to use Power Scour on pre-washed wool skeins?


If the skeins have already been pre-washed than Unicorn Fibre Wash is the product you'll want to use for the balance of the life of the wool. Fibre Wash is for more delicate cleaning of finished natural  products and can be used in cooler temperatures

Unicorn Fibre Wash does not contain the more powerful surfactants for scouring heavily soiled fibers -- and does not require higher temperatures to "turn on" its cleaning power.

To condition fiber -- from fleece to the finished garment -- we suggest utilizing the properties of Unicorn Fibre Rinse.  It can even help soften the scratchiest fibers.


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