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Next Generation Fiber Cleaners
After only one washing with Unicorn Fibre Wash and anti-static Unicorn Fibre Rinse.

Odor-based yellowing residue is gone, dirt particulates have not re-deposited back onto fibers, and a lovely high luster is obvious.
After one washing with an alternative, non-rinse fiber cleaner on another section of the same Alpaca fleece.

Although to the naked eye this fiber looked good, there is evidence of possible protein-based yellowing and the remains of dirt particulates adhering to the "washed" fiber.
The goals of the Unicorn Fibre cleaning and conditioning system are to optimize the latest chemistry to maximize cleaning effectiveness at low temperatures while imparting fiber conditioning for ease of handling and processing. The goal of providing these benefits with the use of only safe and environmentally sensitive ingredients was paramount. In keeping with the company's philosophy, there was no testing conducted on animals in the verification of these products.

Several years ago our company took part in a natural fiber symposium focused on the worldwide challenges facing the alpaca and wool fiber (textile) industries. In the rapidly changing global economy, many of the largest mills could not economically compete with China's less expensive processing capabilities and were forced to close. Those that survived faced additional constraints from governmental agencies demanding less impact on the fragile environment.

Breeders and mill representatives bemoaned the fact that, at times up to 30% of the scoured "luxury" alpaca fiber was discarded after the scouring process! An incredibly high waste factor to deal with, given an industry that needed all the fiber it could gather to economically compete in the worldwide textile marketplace.

Current commercial scour facilities simply mimic wool scouring operations using high heat and strong detergents.
Unfortunately, fibers without high levels of surface wax or lanolin (i.e. Alpaca and Cashmere) are subjected to fairly harsh conditions that are probably not necessary, and may indeed be detrimental to the fiber as well as the environment.

High priority was placed upon the creation of the "next generation of fiber cleaners" to:

  • Insure higher throughput (final fiber yield) by minimizing fiber damage during
    scouring and processing procedures.

  • Provide environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions to perform not only as well as
    but better than currently available surfactants.

  • Develop detergents to turn on their power at lower water temperatures enabling
    potential energy savings.

  • Develop concentrates to reduce amounts used in processing – reduce freight
    charges - and shorten overall processing times.

Ultimately, Unicorn Editions, Ltd., and its founders took on
this challenge. Pino and Anna Carner Blangiforti had a
good working knowledge of the biology and chemistry
aspects of collagen-based fabrics like leather and fiber.
Indeed, the couples' efforts in leather care have resulted
in the successful line of products known as Leather
Therapy (www.LeatherTherapy.com). The innovative line
has won top awards for the company and was granted a
United States Patent for washing leather in the home laundry.

However, it was the love of the 52 alpacas they raised, and the enthusiasm, (and frustration), within the fiber industry,
that lead to the creation of Unicorn Fibre products.

Unicorn Fibre products follow the life of all natural fiber; from scouring raw fleece with Power Scour to the after care cleaning of yarns and finished garments with Fibre Wash and anti-static Fibre Rinse – all while effectively maintaining the integrity of the natural fiber cuticle.

As stated by a chemist at Australia's CSIRO Research Labs, Unicorn's fiber cleaning products "could well be the solution to potential energy savings" and…."even small increases in top length can be worth $1m/annum in increased revenue to the producer".
No Phosphates – No Enzymes – No Fillers
Biodegradable – Non-Yellowing – Earth Friendly

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